Kenneth Leroy Kennedy
34 Years Old

June 19, 1961 to July 13, 1995

Kenneth Kennedy, of Ringwood, Oklahoma, was the only boy in the family, with three older sisters. He was also the only grandson in the J.J. Kennedy family. Most of the family lived in a small community around Ringwood. Everyone knew each other and always helped each other when someone was in need of help.

Ken, his sisters and parents were farmers and ran a dairy for years. Ken was active in church and school activities: 4-H, football, and FFA. He had taken trips to Denver, Colorado, and Kansas City. He attended many livestock shows at the local and county levels. Through his 4-H and FFA activities, he won many ribbons of all colors, including some championships for talks, demonstrations, cooking and gardening. When Ken was old enough, he showed dairy, beef and swine at fairs. The wall in his room is covered with plaques, trophies and showmanship medals from his high school days.

Ken was interested in farming and took two years of vo-tech school in Major County, studying diesel mechanics. He worked in the oil field for a neighbor since he was old enough to drive a semi-truck and a bulldozer. He put in many hard-working hours in the oil field. When the oil patch went down, he decided to work for neighbors that had several bulldozers and trucks hauling rock for road repair. Ken also traveled with a harvest crew for years until their family grew up to help with harvest. He became a truck driver and thought he would see a lot of new places driving across the country. After a couple of years of seeing accidents and dealing with the various road conditions, he decided that long-haul trucking was not for him. Ken had a small daughter that couldn't leave any longer, so he wanted to be closer to home.

Ken found a job in Enid, Oklahoma, that he really enjoyed. He was head boss of cattle on 12 to 15 farms. Ken spent many late nights in high water taking care of stock around creeks. He liked this work and did a good job of keeping the cattle healthy and moving from one place to another.

Ken eventually decided to change jobs and truck grain to elevators. He had worked there for just two weeks when he was killed.

Ken Kennedy, 34, of Ringwood, Oklahoma, was a truck driver. He was asleep in his truck when his girlfriend killed him with a ball bat and a 10-inch butcher knife.

Terri Hamilton was convicted of first degree manslaughter and sentenced to 14 years in prison. As of June 1997, she remained in prison.



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