Keith Edmond Combs
23 Years Old

August 20, 1970 to September 25, 1993

I REMEMBER: Being so mad at you every Saturday and Sunday morning for not getting up to do your paper route. I would try to wake you, all the while I was stuffing and rolling your papers.

I REMEMBER: You were mad at me one snowy, icy morning. You and Eileen walked to school as always. I came out to call you back so I could tell you “I’m sorry but I slipped on the ice. I called for your help as I couldn’t move.” Later, Eileen told me she heard me but you told her “No you don’t...that’s someone else. Just keep walking.”

I REMEMBER: When you would wear Kevin’s shirts because he was much bigger than you. You thought you would look bigger too. The teachers would call me to bring one of your shirts to school as the shirts you were wearing didn’t fit. “Make sure that he wears his own shirts from now on” they told me. I did but you would change them after you got to school.

I REMEMBER: You borrowing Steve’s truck without permission. He came home and said you were out cruising in his truck. I said “No, he’s not. Your truck is parked out front.” I looked out the window...NO TRUCK…You didn’t even have a driver’s license!

BUT I ALSO REMEMBER: At your Great Lakes stood so tall and handsome. You were not a little boy anymore; you were a man. You were in your “dress blues”...I was so proud of you.

I REMEMBER: Flying to Philadelphia all alone to visit you. You didn’t know if I was coming for sure. You were stationed there after boot-camp and kept asking one of us to come and visit. Somehow, with God’s help, we found each other in downtown Philly. I got off the were standing across the street. Again, standing so tall and handsome in your black and mauve shirt and levis.

I REMEMBER: You ran between the busy 4th of July traffic to my side of the street. Your muscular picked me up as though I was light as a feather and you twirled me around. We hugged each other for what seemed like an eternity. and I...spent a lifetime that one day...OUR SPECIAL

I REMEMBER: We rented a car with your Dad’s credit card. We drove to Atlantic City and down and up the New Jersey shoreline, gathering all kinds of shells. I still have them and I cherish them.

I will never ever forget you, my son Keith…..I miss you and I always will…..

I wish I could be in that glorious place with you and your Dad who passed-away six years after your death. He couldn’t cope anymore without you. We could all be laughing, smiling and giving each other hugs and having lots of fun. I know you are helping Jesus with those little children up in Heaven. You loved children so much and wanted so many. Lisa and you would have had such a beautiful little family. We will always love you and remember you, my son, our brother and husband! good and in bad. Love you, Mom.


Keith Edmond Combs, son of Kathy, brother of Stephen, Kevin and Eileen.

Keith was murdered execution-style in San Diego, California on September 25th, 1993, while serving his country. He had two months to go and he would have been Honorably Discharged and home with us.

Keith had asked for a two or three month early-out but the Navy declined as they could not replace him...but they soon had to…..

Keith’s murder has never been solved.

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Keith Combs