Keith R. Ciszewski
37 Years Old

July 10, 1954 to November 14, 1991

Education: Bishop Borgess High School and Henry Ford Community College
Employment: U.S. Postal Service

It is hard to condense when writing about the many qualities of my son.

Following is a portion of one of the letters written to my son's wife, which she in turn made a book from all the letters written for their children, 2, 6 and 10 so they would have some knowledge about their father.

"Your father told me that if I wanted he would help me re-roof our house the following summer. Here, I had known him only a couple of months, and he was offering to work long and hard to help me. That said a lot about the kind of person he was."

I will quote you in part the Birthday greeting which I gave to him four months before he was murdered which conveyed my feelings for the son I knew he was.

"My son, I want to thank you for being the fine, sensitive, beautiful person that you are and extra thanks for being so easy to raise. You have made it so easy for me to be a parent. I will always love you so much."

And lastly, from what I have learned, my son's last act before he was shot was helping a woman escape out of a window. My son then received the bullets at close range.

His life was his wife and children. An exceptional, caring son to me as he experienced the loss of his father at 18 and took on the responsibility with me of guiding and advising his sister, then age 13. As he matured, everyone enjoyed his humor and his laughter which would brighten up a working day and friendly gathering. His home was always open to friends. He had great concern for people, young and old, and those he supervised. A sentimental, gentle, caring, considerate, loving son and father was Keith Ciszewski.


A previous employee went on a shooting spree in November, 1991, killing four employees.

As I understand, my son was in an office with two female employees. One took refuge behind a copy machine and as my son was assisting the other employee out of the window, and as she fled to safety, the gunman burst into the room and shot my son at close range.

A short time later, the gunman (previous employee) killed himself.

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Keith Ciszewski