Keith Eugene Barabe
25 Years Old

October 23, 1968 to June 4, 1994

Keith Eugene Barabe, of Pleasanton, Texas, loved the outdoors. His hobbies were hunting, fishing and trapping.

As a youngster, Keith played in Little League Baseball. He graduated from Clark High School in San Antonio, Texas. After graduation, he moved to Pleasanton to live with his dad, Gene, and worked on oil rigs when work was available.

Keith loved his cat and his dog Sheba. She was with him when he was killed and now lives with Gene.

He had three older sisters: Janet, Gail and Rachelle. He had a nephew, Tyler and there are now two nieces he never met. Keith is also survived by his mother, Mary Jane Peterson of Boerne, Texas; a stepfather, Ted; grandfather, Gene Sr.; uncle, Dave; aunt, Ann; cousins, Deanne and Alan; and three brothers-in-law. Keith is buried in San Fernando Catholic Cemetery next to his grandmother Olive Barabe who preceded him in death.

Once, while showing his girlfriend Traci his grandmother's grave, Keith said that someday he would be buried next to his Ollie Grandma.


Keith Eugene Barabe, 25, of Pleasanton, Texas, was kicked, beaten and stabbed in the carotid artery with a barbecue fork on June 4, 1994. His body was dragged out of the house into the back yard. The occupant of the house reported to the police a drunk in his back yard.

The occupant and five others had murdered Keith and stolen his car, jewelry and cash. The car was wrecked when recovered. Adam Guerrero was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison; Eugene Pesina was convicted of murder and sentenced to 35 years in prison; Roberto Guerrero pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 25 years in prison; Alejandro Guerrero pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 25 years in prison; Rudolpho Guerrero is in jail awaiting trial. A sixth person, Jose Moreno, fled the state and has not been questioned.

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Keith Barabe