Kathy Miller Maples
20 Years Old

March 29, 1970 to February 28, 1991

God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl on Easter Sunday, March 29, 1970. She weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces, had black eyes and lots of dark hair. I called her my Indian baby. Always told Kathy that she was my best baby. Ate, drank and slept and never cried.

Kathy was a delight and a challenge growing up. She took dance lessons, piano lessons - while we had a piano stored at our house. She never liked to practice, but when the recital came, she always did a great job.

Kathy always had a twinkle in her eyes. A little bit of the devil and loved to tease. She loved school and her friends. She was a fantastic volleyball player in High School. Could serve 13 straight points with a lot of aces. Did track. She was a delegate to Girl's State, class officer, and editor of the High School clarion. Tip off queen of the basketball team her senior year. President of the student body of High School (first and only female). She was on the Honor Roll her last two years of school.

Kathy married Eric Maples January 26, 1989. At the time of her death, they were separated, and Kathy moved back to Nevada.


Kathy was living in Carson City, Nevada with two supposed friends. A girl and a guy. The girl went to the war in Saudi Arabia and the guy was left in the apartment with Kathy. After two months of living with him, Kathy invited a girl who she worked with at K-Mart to move in with them for a while. Little did Kathy know, but this guy became very jealous, possessive of her, and was stalking her at work and places she would go. He stabbed her tires of her car in the parking lot of the apartment, so she couldn't go anywhere. Threatened her. Said, "Over their dead bodies was this other girl moving into the apartment with them". Well, he made good on his promise. There was a big fight. He brutally bludgeoned her about the head and shot her in the back of the head. He then killed himself. We thank God for that. No trials.

We truly love and miss her. She has one sister, a brother, and a half-brother, and a step-brother still living. She has four nieces and one nephew still living. Her Mother and Stepfather, and her Father and Stepmother, and a Grandmother still living.

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Kathy Maples