Kathleen Mary Kohm
11 Years Old

October 9, 1969 to April 5, 1981

Kathy Kohm, of Santa Claus, Indiana, was the oldest of three children. She was a sweet, delicate, but strong girl. Kathy was very bright - nearly a "straight A" student.

She enjoyed sports of all kinds and was named MVP on her baseball team at the age of seven. Kathy was on the swim team and competed in various events. She won a lot of ribbons in the 50 freestyle event. She swam effortlessly and made it look so beautiful. She also enjoyed roller skating, ice skating, soccer and running.

Music was also important to Kathy. She loved the music from the musical Grease . Her cat, Tiger, was a love and joy to her.

Kathy had many friends. They all remember her fondly as the years have passed. They remember her as a peacemaker and good friend.

Kathy had received Jesus Christ into her heart. She was active in her church and the youth group. She had attended Mass with her family on the morning of the day she was abducted and murdered.

She was a good sister to her younger brothers, but she was the oldest, so she ruled. She would be proud to see her brothers as men. They are good people and have missed so much since Kathy was taken from their lives.

Kathy's potential was limitless. Her parents were so very proud of her and miss her so. Below is a poem Kathy wrote when she was nine-years-old.


Trees are the kindest things I know,
They do no harm, they simply grow.
And spread a shade for sleepy cows,
And gather birds among their boughs.
They give us fruit in leaves above,
And wood to make our house of.
And leaves to burn on Halloween,
And in the spring, new buds of green.

Kathy's family prays for her every day and hopes that her murderer will be prosecuted.


Kathy Kohm, 11, decided to go for a jog in her neighborhood in Santa Claus, Indiana, on April 5, 1981. When her family hadn't seem or heard from her for a couple of hours, they became concerned. After a short search, they called the town Marshall and an intense 10-week search by friends, neighbors and police ensued. On June 11, in a wooded area one mile from her home, Kathy's decomposed body was found with her underpants in her pocket and a bullet in her head. A private detective found an important clue, and a man who was a firefighter and part-time resident of Santa Claus was named a suspect. The evidence was considered circumstantial, and no charges have ever been filed against him.

However, Stanton Gash was found liable for Kathy's murder in a civil trial. He was ordered to pay $5,000 because in Indiana, a child is considered property. He now lives in Clearwater, Florida.

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Kathleen Kohm