Kathleen Marie Ginty
24 Years Old

July 27, 1969 to July 16, 1994

Kathleen Marie Ginty was from Oakdale, New York. She is our only daughter and youngest child. She has three older brothers.

When Kathleen was born, one of her brothers later mentioned he realized someone SPECIAL had come into our family. He was used to dealing only with his parents and brothers; now, he had someone very different to learn about.

Kathleen was everything a girl could be...very feminine, sensitive, warm and caring. She also had a feistiness and stubbornness about her that would make you think twice before crossing her if you realized she was not in the right mood!

Kathleen loved animals. At the time of her murder, she had a rabbit (that had given her several severe bites), fish, two cats and five birds living in a small apartment with her.

Always seeing the good in people, Kathleen would fight for any injustices. At the time of her murder, Kathleen had been working for the past six years at NYNEX Telephone Company. Kathleen was and is the heart and soul of our family...


In 1993, Kathleen briefly became engaged to a man she had not known long. When I objected, she told me not to worry since they were not getting married for two years...plenty of time to get to know him! It took Kathleen a month to get to know his true character. When she realized what he was actually like, she broke the engagement.

During the three months after breaking the engagement, he stalked and harassed Kathleen. He wanted to get back together with her but she refused. She would not allow any of her brothers to interfere because she was afraid they would hurt him and Kathleen claimed he had never hurt her, so she worried about him.

He may never have hurt her but on Saturday night, July 16, 1994, he entered her apartment. He stabbed her to death with a four-foot Samurai sword! He bought the sword and carried it through town on his way to her apartment that night for the soul-purpose of murdering Kathleen. He stabbed her over 25 times.

Kathleen’s murderer was sentenced to 20 years to life. As of July 16, 2000, has served six years and will not be eligible for parole until 2014. We will be sending petitions to see his parole denied. He does not deserve to walk this earth a free man.

I still cannot believe the beautiful, kind, gentle person Kathleen was could be murdered so violently…..a spark has gone from our lives that can never return.

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Kathleen Marie Ginty