Karl Harvey Holmberg
30 Years Old

December 5, 1960 to August 4, 1991

Karl Holmberg, of San Francisco, California, was born on December 5, 1960. He was the youngest of our four children, his sister Sarah was 18, brother David, 17, and brother Dennis 13 years older than Karl. He was a very special son and one of the brightest spots in our lives. Karl was a happy, mischievous boy, bright student, he liked all sports - swimming was his favorite. he swam competitively for the city; he won first and second place medals for all his swimming. In 1972, he received a trophy for outstanding team member of his swimming team. In junior high school, he got the first-place trophy for his school against all the other schools in the city. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the Navy and spent most of his time in Portland, Maine, and at a Navy Base in South Carolina. Karl came home in 1982, and went to work for pacific Gas and Electric Co. in San Francisco. He was working as a lineman at the time of his murder. A beautiful life was taken for no reason at all. Karl's father was a sergeant on the San Francisco Police Department for 30 years, he passed away in 1984.


On August 4, 1991, Karl was standing on a corner at Fell and Laguna Streets in San Francisco. A black adult teenager on a ten-speed bike started an argument and then hit Karl with the bike. Karl fell and as he was getting up to defend himself, five more adult youths circled Karl. They hit him in the face with the bike, then jumped on him, stabbed him to death, and stole his money. There were 11 eye witnesses to this crime, one called 911. None of the witnesses were questioned. As of this date, the case remains unsolved (case #011020040). There is a $15,000.00 reward.

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Karl Holmberg