Karin Irene Schlegel
23 Years Old

December 8, 1950 to August 20, 1974

Karin Irene Schlegel, of New York City, had worked as an assistant editor for McGraw Publishing Company and had a book of her own published, Houses Architects Design for Themselves . However, Karin's greatest desire since childhood was to be an actress. She quit her job at McGraw and waited tables to support herself while attending acting school in New York.

Karin was very gentle natured, but she was also quite determined to do what she believed was right. She was a very loving daughter.


Karin Irene Schlegel, 23, of New York City, answered an ad in the "Village Voice" seeking actresses for an educational film to be made. Charles Yukl, the so-called director of this undertaking, had several meetings with young people to discuss the project. On August 20, 1974, Yukl telephoned Karin and invited her to come to his place with the promise of involving her in TV advertising. After Karin arrived, Yukl strangled her and dragged her body to the roof top where she was found.

Yukl, who had previously served time for murder, was convicted and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. He later hanged himself in his cell at the Auburn Correctional Facility.

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Karin Schegel