Karen Yvette Jelks
36 Years Old

December 27, 1957 to September 9, 1994

Karen Yvette Jelks was a woman who loved her family and had a host of friends. She was the type of person who never met a stranger. Karen was a very strong woman who overcame many obstacles in her life, including at one time being a single parent to her two sons Deondre and Cornell. Karen had a remarkable love for life and it showed in her love for her rose garden as well as the many meals that she would cook (she was always cooking up something new).

Karen showed the same love when it came to her parents, Henry and Jeanette, as well as her sister Lisa and brother Curt. As an employee of St. Mary's Hospital, she knew almost the entire staff and always greeted everyone with a smile, even at work as a collection specialist. Her lovely smile would come through as she spoke to her clients over the phone. She was truly a remarkable woman.


On September 9, 1994, Karen Jelks was abducted at gunpoint from a restaurant by Dickie Johnson. He then drove to a residential neighborhood. While in a daring escape for her life, he proceeded to chase her, where, after catching her, he began to beat her with an aluminum bat, striking her multiple times. He then emptied a revolver into her, severely traumatized her body and ending her life. After evading the authorities for eleven months, her killer was finally caught after a tip due to appearing on "America's Most Wanted."

Dickey Johnson is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. He is a repeat offender and an escapee from a jail facility in Kansas. Upon his release, he will be expedited to Kansas to finish his time there. Hopefully this monster will never see freedom again.

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