Karen Louise Davis
17 Years Old

May 20, 1956 to January 24, 1974

Karen was born May 20, 1956 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was the sixth child of Mrs. Mary Alice Davis and the late John Henry Davis. Karen attended Vine Street Elementary School where she sang in the school choir and was also a Brownie. She attended Merry Junior High School and then Hughes High School where she was trying out for the high school drill team. Karen loved twirling that baton! She was also learning to play the trumpet in high school. Karen enjoyed reading and was at that time reading a book called Zeely by "Virginia Hamilton." One of her ambitions was to become a reading teacher.

Karen had eight brothers and four sisters. She enjoyed listening to gospel songs and loved to sing. She also enjoyed singing with her sisters. She had three brothers in the military (Army), and from time to time she would say that maybe I'll enlist in the military and complete my education.

In 1973, the first Sunday in December, Karen joined the Truth Universal Church and was baptized. She was very enthusiastic about working in the church.

Karen was a typical teenager in every respect. She was a quiet, gentle young lady and like most young people, she looked forward to turning 18 years old, the year her life was shortened. She is greatly missed and memories of her will always be treasured in the hearts of her family.

On that very cold, snowy Thursday morning in January, God reached down and plucked a rose from this earthly garden to plant forever in his heavenly garden.

Submitted by her mother, Mrs. Mary A. Davis.


Karen was forced from home (via knifepoint) the day she was murdered by a former boyfriend whom she did not wish to be involved with anymore. The person had his mind set that if he couldn't have her, nobody else could. The person had a knife that was stolen from Karen's home and he used this knife to take her life. He stabbed Karen many, many times.

He was apprehended very quickly and at the trial he was given 15 years to life imprisonment. It is unknown whether he is still incarcerated or paroled.

The person who killed our daughter and sister is Jimmy Troy Peterson (Toby).

We apologize for not being more detailed but it is still too painful to talk and write about.

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