Julius Henry Baumgardt
47 Years Old

July 5, 1947 to June 23, 1994

Jay Baumgardt, of Lindenhurst, New York, was a loving husband; his wife's best friend and soulmate. He was a great dad and a special friend to his children. Jay would listen to anything they had to say - they could go to him with any of life's hurdles and he would guide them to reach their own choice in life. He had all of the answers.

He was a loving grandpa to his two "boys" and was waiting for all the new grandchildren that were to come into his life so he could spoil them and teach them about the wonders and gifts from above.

Jay loved to try weird foods and loved to cook. He enjoyed fixing cars and working around the house. Jay was looking forward to starting a small trucking business with his son.

He believed the greatest thing you could have in life wasn't a fortune, but having the wealth of his loving family and friends. Jay is truly missed and will be remembered by all forever.


Jay Baumgardt, 47, of Lindenhurst, New York, left home on the morning of June 23, 1994, at 7 am. At 11 am that day he was shot dead during a payroll robbery at his place of work. He did not resist. He was forced to lay face down on the ground; his partner was handcuffed and Jay was shot in the back of the head. He died instantly. The case is unsolved.

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Jay Baumgardt