Judy Guerrero
25 Years Old

October 13, 1963 to June 8, 1989

Judy Guerrero was the youngest of four children and is survived by her parents, two brothers, one sister, and maternal grandparents. She graduated from a parochial high school, and although she didn't study very much, she loved to read and made good grades. Her family made jokes about the fact that Judy had wanted to "drop out" of school after the first grade.

Judy was an excellent cook with Mexican food being one of her favorites. She was also learning to make some of her mother's old recipes. Judy and her brother ran the small family cafe. She was young and happy and made friends with many of the customers. Her favorite time of the year was fall because she loved to see the trees change color. She loved sunrises and sunsets and the crescent moon. Her favorite cartoon was "Opus" and she had an Opus stuffed toy.

Judy had beautiful long hair, gorgeous eyes, was always dressed well and her makeup was just right. Her smile was so genuine. She was very affectionate and close to her family. She also loved to laugh and play with the family dog. One of Judy's happiest times was when she bought her first and only car. Judy was special and left us with many beautiful memories.


Judy Guerrero, 25, lived alone in a house which was isolated. On the night of June 7, 1989, friends of her boyfriend came to her house. Since there were no signs of forced entry, her family feels that Judy let them in, hoping it might be news of her boyfriend whom she had not heard from in several days. Although Judy's family was unaware of any drug activity by the boyfriend, apparently, there was some involvement and they were looking for something that Judy's boyfriend had taken from them. When they did not find what they were looking for, they tied Judy up, shot her five times in the back and set her house on fire. Her body was found the morning of June 8th by the fire department officials responding to the fire. She was burned beyond recognition.

Judy's family feels her boyfriend is responsible and knows who the killers are, however, there have been no arrests in the case. They also feel that there was never a thorough investigation.

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Judy Guerrero