Joshua Scott Curry
20 Years Old

March 24, 1974 to September 30, 1994

Joshua Scott Curry, of Mt. View, Hawaii, was a very special person. His parents loved him dearly. He was their only child. He was very good with electronics. In college, he studied English courses, mostly reading Shakespeare, Wordsworth and writing essays. As a teen, his hobby was remote-control cars. He was very good at working on cars and enjoyed that. He bought a '69 Camaro and hoped to restore it. As a child, he loved playing with Legos.

Josh was a great cook and his favorite foods were spaghetti and burritos. He had a great sense of humor and was very gregarious and fun-loving. He would always help out a friend, and would never hurt anyone. Josh wanted to get married someday and have a family of his own. He talked about travelling someday too. Josh also loved music.

But most of all, he brought joy into our lives and to the lives of others. He tried his best to be a good person and do right by others. He loved and respected his family. He loved his country and was proud to be an American.

Josh's parents love and miss him more than words can ever say. They will not forget him. They still work for social justice always in memory and honor of Josh. May his special spirit be at peace now. Know that he is loved.


Six witnesses/suspects have told Josh Curry's family that he was beaten to death. To this date, they do not know the exact circumstances of Josh's murder. His body has not been found. The police suspended the case only three months into the investigation, before interviewing suspects and witnesses, including Scott Clarke, whom one witness claims beat Josh to death. Just days before the murder, Scott Clarke is known to have said to Josh "You're a dead man." Another witness, Dennis Hodge, claims that Scott Clarke told him, "Josh is a dead man, guaranteed." Neither Clarke nor Hodge have been questioned by the police. The police have refused to consider this case a homicide.

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Josh Curry