Joseph Grant Dunlap
23 Years Old

October 11, 1960 to May 8, 1984

Joey was easy going, kind, gentle, quiet and in love with music. He wanted only one thing in life, and that was to become a great musician. Joey was highly motivated, practice was second nature to him. He played the trumpet in band, bass and lead guitar. His talent came from both sides of the family. Both grandmothers taught piano and his maternal grandfather was a musician along with Joey’s father, Joe Dunlap.

Joey and his sister Janielle shared the same birth month, October. They were a year apart in age. There are so many memories of parties, snowy fun, ice-skating, back yard fun with the good neighbors. He enjoyed kickball, swimming, and his favorite was trains. Going to downtown Columbus, Ohio, and watching the trains turn around.

Joey’s favorite food was pizza. He loved his half-poodle dog, Albert, his guinea pig, Charlie. He delivered papers, even in the cold weather.

Joey never complained, he was easy going and very kind. I miss not knowing him as an adult.


Joey was driving a Yellow Cab, this was his last fare for the early AM. Dewey Brewer was Joey’s last passenger. Brewer cut Joey’s throat, taking his clipboard and a black jacket. The cab was driven away. Joey staggered to a porch in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Brewer was convicted and served time. We were informed that a year or so ago, Dewey Brewer died in prison. We were not given any further information.

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Joey Dunlap