Joni Lynn Bradshaw
25 Years Old

October 27, 1960 to October 10, 1986

How do you describe the essence of a person in a few words? Try to picture Joni in your mind. She could only be described as beautiful! She had long, light brown hair, big, dark brown almond-shaped eyes with long eyelashes, a wide smile and a dimple in one cheek. She was tall, slim and had unbelievably long legs. But the truly beautiful Joni was on the inside. If you were included in her circle of special people you were never in doubt that you were loved totally. She would buy you presents for no particular reason other than she wanted to make you happy. Big bouquets of flowers would arrive with a note to say that she was thinking of you. Through the good times and the sad, you only had to glance to your side and know that Joni would be there.

Joni never went to college but she had owned several businesses by the time she died at age 25. She had a ferocious determination to succeed.

She loved motorcycles, sports cars, fresh peach pie (she could eat a whole one), her brothers Robert and Michael, watching football with her Dad and brothers, poker and pool, shopping for new clothes, playing soccer, her long strong fingernails that she painted in all those wild colors. And animals. She was always surrounded by pets: hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, her rabbit Jadamoray (whom she used to take for walks on a leash), her parakeet Clyde, and all the dogs, Pooch, Dazy, Lady, Kelly, and her constant companion Chablis, who was with her when she died.

Joni met her husband Mike when she was twenty. Her family loved him as much as she did. Joni and her Mom had been planning her wedding since she was about five years old and it turned out to be a fairy tale evening. Everything was perfect and she was so beautiful. Mike and Joni had a good marriage for the first four years. Then Mike got involved with drugs and turned into a different person. Joni stayed with him for almost a year trying to help him. But things just steadily got worse. She finally admitted that she could no longer go on and decided to leave him. A few days later Mike murdered her.


Joni Lynn Bradshaw was murdered on October 10, 1986 by her husband William Michael Bradshaw. He shot her through her bedroom window, then broke down the front door and proceeded to shoot her several more times before beating her with the gun.

Several hours later he turned himself in to the police. Fourteen months later, as the trial was about to start, he took a plea bargain and pleaded guilty to second degree murder. He was sentenced to fifteen years to life. He is serving his time at Soledad State Prison in Soledad, California. It was the first time he had ever broken the law.

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Joni Bradshaw