John Leary
33 Years Old

May 23, 1958 to January 25, 1992

John Leary, of Southwick, Massachusetts, was one of the "good guys." He was a loving, giving son, brother and friend.

Owner of a construction company, John's favorite jobs were installing in-ground swimming pools. He also enjoyed any project that allowed him to utilize his creative mind in custom woodworking.

A big sports fan, John loved to play soccer and basketball.

Not a day goes by that John's family and friends don't think about him. They love him and miss him with all of their hearts.


On January 25, 1992, John Leary, 33, of Southwick, Massachusetts, was followed to his home by Mary Delude, a woman who was fatally attracted to John. He asked her to leave and went into his bedroom to sleep. On her way out of John's house, she sprayed a recliner in the living room with hair spray, threw a lit cigarette on it and walked out. The entire house burnt to the ground and John died in the fire.

Mary Delude was convicted of murder and arson and sentenced to 10 years in prison. After serving just four years, she was released on parole.

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John Leary