John Edmund Esposito
20 Years Old

November 17, 1970 to August 26, 1990

John Edmund Esposito from Boston, Massachusetts was the third child born to Janet and James Esposito. He had two brothers James and Kevin and a half-brother and sister Joseph and Angela.

John was a gifted athlete who liked all sports, especially baseball, basketball and street hockey.

John was an intelligent person and earned a scholarship to Northeastern University. While there, he studied Pre-Law. He aspired to be a Probation Officer to help kids in need.

When John was nine years old, he received a “Big Brother” through the Big Brother Association of Boston. Jack Dunn and John remained friends for the remainder of John’s life. John served as an usher in Jack’s wedding.

John loved nice clothes, was a hard worker and liked playing practical jokes on people. He was very good to his mother and always watched-over her. He was a peacemaker between his friends whenever possible. John was also a role-model for a lot of kids in his neighborhood.


John Esposito, 20, from Boston, Massachusetts went to a party on August 25th, 1990 with Edward Dobbins and James Cronin.

The party got too noisy and eventually was broken-up by the police. Walsh Park, at the end of the street, became the site for the new party.

Two males, Edward Dobbins and Paul McCurdy got into a fight. Somehow, a knife became involved and both Ed and Paul were stabbed.

John attempted to break-up the fight and was stabbed five times around 12:30AM.

John died around 6AM on August 26th.

Paul McCurdy and Edward Dobbins were charged for the crime but later refused to testify pleading the Fifth Amendment.

McCurdy was later beaten by a group of John’s friends and was considering bringing charges against them. He was advised against it when he found-out he would be charged with John’s murder.

As a result of witnesses “taking the Fifth,” there was no trial and no time served.

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John Esposito