John A. Bosley
21 Years Old

August 21, 1964 to September 28, 1985

John lived with his mother (Joy) up in Connecticut along with his sister Sandra L. Bosley. When he finished high school at the age of 18, he came down to Florida to live with his dad and work with him in the tree service. He was a young man everyone liked. He had a great sense of humor and always gave love from the heart. He would help anyone. He played the drums and loved music. We got him a set of drums two weeks before he was killed. His favorite band and singers were Crosby, Stills and Nash and The Doors.

His brother, Jesse Bosley, still has the drums and plays them well. His brother Jason Bosley also plays with drums and lives in Englewood, Florida. John is missed by us all.

On the morning of September 28th, 1985, my son was called by his girlfriend Pam, who stated that a man in white shorts was trying to get into their house. My son's friend Bill answered the phone on the extension. I told Bill to be careful going over to Pam's house because this guy sounded like a nut. This was 3:00 in the morning. They (my son and Bill) went over to Pam's house. They police were there and from the description, they said they knew who it was. They told my son and took him over to the murderer's house. This was about 4:00 am. Doug Weneyth (the murderer) was not home. My son and Bill went back to Pam's house.

In the morning, about 9:00 am, they went over to Doug Weneyth's house to tell him not to bother Pam. My son got into a fight with Doug in the front yard. Bill and Pam and her daughter were in the car. After the fight, my son was putting his shirt on when Doug came out of the house with a 22 rifle and shot my son. The bullet went through his kidney, hit his spleen, and came out his heart. Venice Hospital does not have a good staff and my son bled to death in their hospital room.

Doug Weneyth got off with self defense and never served any time at all. The lawyers from the public defender's office, well-seasoned lawyers, told the jury, "If you want to go home with a clear conscience, you must find the defendant not guilty". This is American Justice?

Doug Weneyth was on probation from Cincinnati, Ohio. He was arrested two times prior to my son's death here in Florida. He is a known cocaine user and seller. I believe he was high the day he killed my son. Afterward, he would pass me on the street and laugh. Tell me, where is the justice?

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