Jodie Marshall Kesmodel
16 Years Old

October 13, 1974 to March 10, 1991

Jodie Kesmodel, of Elkton, Tennessee, was a bright, caring and thoughtful 16-year-old who tragically died at the hands of another.

His mother wanted to share parts of letters written to her from a book put together by a friend. The book is full of memories from people who knew Jodie.

"Jodie came into our lives when he was seven, bringing us another grandchild to love. When we signed his 16th birthday card 'Meemaw and Grandpa' with a note asking if now that he was so grown up he would rather call us Betty and Karl, he replied, 'Of course not.'" "Most of all, we will always cherish the many memories of Jodie's love, tenderness and caring for his brother, two sisters and cousin." - Meemaw

"He was so loving and kind with his little brother. As his little sisters came along, his love grew to include them. I will always remember how he would help take care of them...even taking over at times - but seeing to it that they had fun while keeping them safe from harm. I will remember Jodie as a wonderful grandson who I loved very deeply." - Grandpa

"When me and Jodie were very little, I used to think he was the greatest person, he was my hero. I looked up to him like a big brother. Jodie will always be in my thoughts, memories, and always in my heart." - Tara

"I remember a walk with Jodie, just at sunset. He pulled down on a flowering branch to bury his face in it and drink in its scent. Then he looked up at me and smiled that smile that lit up the world. No one who saw that wonderful smile of his will ever forget it." - Aunt Karyl

"I'll never forget the day you brought Jodie home as a newborn. He was always loving to us. When he got older, he would throw one arm around my shoulder and stand there smiling at me." - Aunt Dianne

"Jodie was always so good to us. You weren't alone in the love you had for Jodie. We all loved him and will remember him always." - Kellie

"It does me good to know my precious son was loved by so many. I miss him so. My sweet little boy of 16 would be a man of 22 now. I love you Jodie." - Mom

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Jodie Kesmodel