Jill Elaine Swope-Hunter
24 Years Old

February 10, 1959 to September 13, 1983

Jill Swope-Hunter, originally of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was an active church member. Happy and loving, Jill often planned activities for neighborhood children.

She liked to go hiking, camping, swimming and canoeing. She was an excellent student and studied French in high school, with the dream of someday visiting France.

Jill liked to read, ride her bicycle and sew. She made a dress to wear to her first sewing class in junior high school. She helped with cooking and household duties and cared for her younger sister. Jill was a Girl Scout for many years. In high school, Jill was on the flag drill team and the stage crew.

Jill was married to Gary James Hunter. They had a three-year-old son. Jill was five months pregnant at them time of her murder.


Jill Swope-Hunter, 24, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was driving her car on the highway when she had car trouble. She left her car to phone her husband. He was not home, so she took a cab home. When her husband came home, she told him that she needed her car to take a Naval exam. Jill and her husband were both in the Navy. Her husband drove near the car and Jill went to get her car. Three teens and an adult man appeared and tried to abduct Jill. They were in a stolen car and had stolen guns. Two of the guys pointed guns at her and one shot her in the head.

Noah Davis, 18, was convicted of first degree murder and was sentenced to two life terms plus 12 years. Brian N. Stable, 19, received a suspended sentence. Nathaniel Parker, 17, was sent to a juvenile detention center. The fourth person was acquitted.

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Jill HUnter