Jessica Arredondo
21 Years Old

November 20, 1967 to November 26, 1988

Jessica was the type of person who made friends anywhere. Her personality was her best feature. She was an attractive girl; beautiful inside and out.

Every morning, Jessica woke-up with a smile on her face, ready to greet the new day. She was eternally optimistic and such a joy to be around. Without her, the sun does not seem as bright. Our days are definitely not as bright without her smiling face. Her smile was genuine because she liked everybody and was in love with life.

Jessica worked at the U.S. West Phone Company as a directory assistance operator. She had many friends at work and was well-liked by people of all ages. She will always be missed by family, co-workers and friends.

Jessica enjoyed playing soccer and was a cheerleader in high school. In her senior year, she was the head cheerleader.

One of Jessica’s favorite things was her 1988 red Ford Mustang Convertible. When she went to the dealership to pick-up her car, she was so excited! Jessica kept it sparkling-clean inside and out and she loved driving it...she did not get to enjoy her Mustang she had worked for and had dreamed of for very long.

Jessica’s murderer(s) also killed a part of us. Our lives will never be as full of joy because we will always miss her. Her murderer(s) deprived us not only of the enjoyment of her company but also of ever having grandchildren by Jessica.

Jessica’s pet dog Frosty missed her very much. We lost him a few years after Jessica’s murder. She had Frosty for 12 years and was devoted to him.

Holidays are hard and will never be the same.

We have beautiful memories of our daughter but memories are a poor substitute for the person. What a loss for everyone that will never get to meet Jessica and enjoy her company and what a terrible loss for us. She leaves behind a family who will love and miss her forever.

Murder is such a senseless crime...a murderer does not realize how many people are affected…..


Jessica Arredondo was murdered six days after her 21st birthday in November 1988.

Jessica was involved in a minor car accident and was kidnapped from the scene. She was found the next day by two tourists who had stopped to admire the beautiful scenery near Estes Park, Colorado. They discovered our daughter’s badly-beaten body in a ravine by a turnoff in the road.

Jessica died from being severely-beaten and kicked.

Detectives from Ft. Collins, Colorado investigated Jessica’s murder but did not have enough evidence to prosecute anyone.

The case is inactive and unsolved.

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Jessica Arredondo