Jesse Lynn Ritchie
19 Years Old

September 17, 1965 to May 10, 1985

Jesse loved to draw and work on cars. Jesse traveled through several states with his mother. Like most boys, Jesse Lynn worked at odd jobs; fast-food, dishwasher, pet store, picked strawberries in Oregon, panned for gold in Alaska and even tried dancing for about three days.

One time, Jesse wired my store lights with the doorbell so the store lights turned-on when the doorbell rang.

Jesse moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in April 1983 with his mother Judy and two brothers Jody and Joel. Jesse Lynn was 6’4” with a 46” waist when he left Houston in 1983. When he returned in 1984, he had slimmed-down to a 32” waist.

Jesse was a beautiful baby and a handsome young man…..

…..gone too soon from those who loved him.


On May 10th, 1985, my grandson and his girlfriend Rene were driving on West Alabama at Houston, Texas. A car suddenly turned into a parking lot. Jesse hit the brakes and Rene hit her head.

Jesse stopped and went to the car of several Hispanics. Words were exchanged. A fight started with Jesse’s glasses being broken.

Jesse and Rene left. They saw some friends who asked if he got the license number of the car. They told us the Hispanics returned.

As soon as Jesse and Rene came from the store, the fighting resumed. The friends ran.

A witness watched as the Hispanics held-down Jesse and stabbed him in the chest. He fought until he freed himself and ran. One followed Jesse, stabbing him in the neck. Blood was gushing as the men caught Jesse and took turns bouncing him off a chain-link fence. One hit him with an iron pipe, one with a chair, one a hammer and one had a knife.

As Jesse lay face-down on the ground, he was stabbed twice with two different knives. Again, he got free, went to a truck and asked for help.

Jesse was taken to a nearby fire station then by ambulance to the hospital. A news crew filmed his arrival in the emergency room.

Jesse died in surgery.

Four of the men went together to the police. They said they were afraid of him because he was the “bigger” (taller) one. Alex Swary, a 5’7,” 27 year old Vietnam Veteran stated he stabbed Jesse in a bear-hug.

No charges were filed.

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Jesse Ritchie