Jerrold Joseph Bojda
21 Years Old

March 18, 1970 to January 22, 1992

Jerrold Joseph Bojda, of Hammond, Indiana, was a person to whom friends were extremely important. He was loyal and always there to do a favor. He even helped people he didn't know. His favorite things were drawing, especially cars, spaghetti, pizza and driving his car.


Jerrold was Paul Samarzia's best friend. No one else care about him except Jerrold. He was worried about Paul because he didn't have a mom. He made sure Paul received food baskets and had a place to live. Unfortunately, he also gave Paul a ride to buy a gun to protect himself because he had so many enemies. On January 21, 1992, during a casual visit, Paul used that gun to kill Jerrold. He shot him through the left side of his heart and Jerrold died after 5 hours of surgery, at 3 am on January 22. Paul was charged with reckless homicide.

Paul was sentenced to 8 years probation of which 3 were to be served in a work release program and the remaining 5 years either in another facility for the mentally ill or on probation at the discretion of the judge. He was on probation after 2 and 1/2 years in the work release program. He lives a mile from our home.

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