Jeremy Peter Flachbart
16 Years Old

October 24, 1972 to April 11, 1989

Jeremy Flachbart, of Millington, Tennessee, was a middle child; he had one older brother, James, and one younger, Christopher. Jeremy was only a high school freshman due to learning disabilities.

Three weeks before his murder, Jeremy had gotten his first job and was due to be paid the day he was murdered. He had planned to save his money to buy a motorcycle. He also wanted to buy a pair of cowboy boots with his first paycheck. Jeremy never lived to buy those boots. His family honored what became his last wish and buried him in cowboy boots and his favorite jeans.

Jeremy never met a stranger. He was equally happy talking with someone 80 years old or sitting on the floor playing games with a two-year-old.

Jeremy loved pizza, hamburgers and chocolate cake. He also loved to play baseball and enjoyed dogs and kittens. The Christmas before his murder, Jeremy put together all of his brother's toys that needed to be assembled. His little brother, Chris, worshipped the ground that Jeremy walked on. He was a gentle, loving child who never hurt a soul.


Jeremy Flachbart, 16, of Millington, Tennessee, was murdered by someone who wanted to see what it felt like to kill. Terry Joe Windham ambushed Jeremy, who was on his way home from school; he struck Jeremy once from behind with a 2-foot 4 X 4 fence post. Jeremy went down and Windham hit him 10 more times. After the 10th blow, Jeremy groaned and Windham hit him five more times for a total of 16 blows. He hid Jeremy's body in a drainage ditch by railroad tracks.

Windham bragged about the murder to his brother and friends, whom he took to see Jeremy's body. As the police were investigating the scene, Windham was on the sidelines watching, bragging, laughing and threatening to kill anyone who told on him. He was arrested on the scene and later confessed. While in jail awaiting trial, Windham made threatening phone calls to other students.

Windham was charged with first degree murder, but pleaded guilty to second degree murder. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. As of February 1997, Windham remained in prison.

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