Jason Wilson
21 Years Old

June 30, 1975 to September 14, 1996

Jason Eric Wilson, of Roland, Oklahoma, was every parents dream of a son. He was loving, kind, gentle, hard-working, good-looking, loyal and God fearing. At 21 years old, he knew what he wanted out of life and was willing to work very hard for it. When he was 15 years old, Jason decided that he wanted to be a farmer/rancher. So we told him that we would help him in any way we could. Jason was determined to have something someday, and with hard work, he did. He was married only seven months when he was taken by a senseless, horrible act of violence. Jason and his wife Cristin lived on the 160 acres that we helped him purchase. His Dad and I helped them purchase Poultry Houses on the land so that Jason could work the Poultry house and raise cattle - a life that he always dreamed of having. Jason worked very hard building corrals and fences, trying to make his dreams come true.

Jason graduated from Roland High School, Roland, Oklahoma, as an honor student, while working every evening at the local grocery store. He loved football and animals. After graduating from high school, he attended Westark Community College in Fort Smith, Arkansas for two years. He dropped out, deciding to manage the Poultry Houses upon their completion.

He was loved by every person that touched his life. He was a very happy man. He lived and loved more in his 21 years than most people do in a lifetime. A Memorial Agriculture Scholarship has been established in Jason's memory. It hopes to fulfill Jason's dreams in some other way for another young boy or girl in the field of Agriculture.

Jason had very high morals. He very seldom left the farm, with the exception of going to church on Sundays. He loved the Lord. He worked with the teen-age boys in church; taking them camping and fishing, with time permitting. He so desperately wanted a family. Cristin, his wife, worked beside him each day on the farm - a life they both loved and wanted.

Our nightmare started on Saturday, September 14, 1996, and continues every second of the day. Our only hope is through God's help - each day you pray that He will help you get through another day, one day at a time.

Jason Wilson, 21, of Roland, Oklahoma, was killed September 14, 1996. Jason left his home around 3:00 pm to take his wife of seven months truck to have the oil changed and serviced. While driving past his property, he noticed two men in his pastures, dragging a dead calf. As Jason got out of his truck and crossed the fence, the men ran. Jason caught up with one and asked him why he shot the calf. Jason said, "Drop the gun. What are you going to do, shoot me?" The man then proceeded to shoot him once between his eyes and six times in the back of his head. Their reason was because they decided they wanted a steak to eat.

James Childress was convicted of first degree murder and larceny of a domestic animal and sentenced to death by lethal injection. Dalton Hickman and Floyd Harlow were both convicted of second degree murder and larceny of a domestic animal and their trials are both pending.

The family has gone through one trial and will have to withstand two more

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Jason Wilson