Janice Marie Mote Simms
28 Years Old

February 12, 1957 to November 27, 1985

Janice Simms was born in Oberlin, Ohio, but raised in Lorain, Ohio. She attended Durling Grade School and Clearview High School.

Her favorite food was her mother's vegetable soup. She worked for a Lawson store. She cared for other people, mostly children and the elderly.

Janice had two children, a girl and a boy, whom she loved and cared for very much. They were her life. She also had a brother, James, whom she loved and a mother and father.


Janice Simms, 28, of Lorain, Ohio, was shot and killed by her husband Larry Simms. Larry and Janice did not get along. He was very jealous and used drugs and alcohol. Janice was host on the left side of the face with a 25 gauge pistol. The bullet hit her brain and bounced back.

Larry Simms was convicted of murder and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison, plus three years for using a handgun to commit a crime.

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Janice Simma