Janice Maryann Baccellieri-Aichele
28 Years Old

January 22, 1966 to October 6, 1994

Janice was a loving and fun child, the youngest of five children, three brothers and a sister. She attended St. Ignatius School and Central Catholic High School in Portland, Oregon. Janice was a good student, active in Camp Fire Girls in grade school, and rally, peer ministry, and working with the homeless in the Burnside community in high school.

Her hobbies included a "Snoopy collection", needlework, trips to the beach, crafts, and cooking.

At about fifteen years old, Janice became and Aunt and relished the role. Her nieces and nephews always looked forward to the special attentions she gave them. She loved all children and people in general. She always remembered birthdays, anniversaries, and important days of family and friends with warm wishes and gifts. She was a wonderful, caring, and sensitive woman.

After high school, Janice worked her way up to manager of Far West Insurance Co., customer service department. She then went to Central Point Software, where she became manager of their customer service department. Janice had an honest work ethic and was a respected, well-liked professional.

Janice had many good friends from school and work. She endeared herself to others and made many lasting relationships. She touched the hearts of those who knew her with her kind and gentle ways.

In July of 1987 Janice married John Aichele. She continued working and supported John as he went through the police academy. She was a good homemaker and took great pride in her work there. She loved the Christmas holidays and put much effort in decorating their home, baking, and welcoming their family and friends over for a visit.

Janice was also very determined. She overcame her lifelong fear of water and learned to swim, boat, and ski in her twenties. After three seasons of trying, she succeeded in mastering "single skiing". She never gave up.

On September 15, 1994, Janice gave birth to a son, David. She loved him dearly and two weeks after his birth, made the decision to leave John because of his controlling and abusive behavior. One week later, on October 6, 1994, John murdered her.

Janice was very special and is loved and missed by many. She remains forever in our hearts.

Janice called her brother Frank on September 28, 1994 to announce she was leaving her husband, John, a Portland Police Officer, and to ask for help. Over the next few days, Janice explained to her family that she was leaving John due to his various mental, psychological and physical abuses of her. The abuses had severely heightened since the recent birth of their son on September 15th.


On October 6th, 1994, John took care of the baby at Janice's mother's house while she was at a counseling session. When she returned, he coerced her to the basement where he shot her three times in the back and twice in the head, with his 9mm police service pistol.

He called 911 and said, "I've just killed my wife, I'm next." Then he called Frank at work and said, "You need to come to your mother's house now." Lastly, he sat on the floor just outside the bedroom, held the pistol at arms length, pointed it back toward his forehead and fired.

John left a note which read, "To our family, I'm sorry but I could not live without her. Please put us together. I would like my mom to raise David. Set up a trust fund for David with my mom in charge." Since these final requests were not possible, none of what John wanted in his note occurred.

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Janice Aichele