Janet Patrice Knobloch
24 Years Old

April 13, 1962 to September 24, 1986

As a youngster, Janet was a mischievous, fun-loving child. She and her older brother, Eric, were very close and would have done anything for each other.

She disliked school, as she hated the regimen of attending classes. Her mind was too quick and found the subject's monotonous. Her many friends found her to be a loyal person and she hated injustice and unfairness. She had many boyfriends as they were attracted by her beauty and her quick wit and smile.

She loved animals, especially dogs and horses and became an accomplished equestrian, winning ribbons for her agility. The outdoors was her life; she probably was born 100 years too late to suit her way of life. Taking long horse rides and roughing it was her idea of relaxation and/or activity.

She was an extremely good cook and her goal (before she was killed) was to become a land surveyor.


Janet was living on a boat in Newport Beach, CA. where he boyfriend, Colin Allen, who was in the U.S. illegally from Canada, was drunk and shot her in the head with a .357 Magnum, killing her instantly. To this day, we do not know the reason for his action. Because he was inebriated, there was no conviction, and he was placed on probation with the proviso of no alcohol. The arresting detective, Craig Frizzel, was so incensed, he passed Colin's picture out to the police force knowing an alcoholic would have trouble with this provision. Within a few months, Colin was recognized in a police "hang out" bar, arrested, and sent to the Chino facility for eight years for violating probation and served only four of those years. Because of the distance involved and lack of funds, it has been almost impossible for us to be kept abreast of his whereabouts. We do not know if he is still in the U.S. He has never called or written to apologize for taking my daughter's life.

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Janet Knobloch