James Dennis Waller
31 Years Old

January 11, 1957 to January 16, 1988

James Dennis Waller from Kansas City, Missouri was born on a cold, snowy, windy day.

Dennis was an average baby. He went home from the hospital to a family of seven brothers and sisters, his parents and grandmother.

Dennis was adorable, cute, cuddly and was the center-of-attention in the family.

As he grew into an adult, Dennis was very outgoing and extremely friendly. His good looks, energy and intelligence “drew” people to him. He had a tremendous sense of humor; always laughing and having a good time and was a lot of fun to be around.

Dennis loved baseball and football, with fishing running a close second.

Dennis became a father at a young age. He was so proud of his son. He helped care for him in a special way and was always eager to show him off or talk about him.

Due to his love for the outdoors, Dennis chose construction work as his occupation. He was a member of the Construction Union.

Family was always important to Dennis. He was a very caring, compassionate, giving and loving person to all who knew him.


Only five days after his birthday, James Dennis Waller, 31, from Kansas City, Missouri was found at the side of a road by a man looking for cans.

Dennis had been shot in the head.

Dennis’ murder remains unsolved.

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James Waller