James John Sawicki
23 Years Old

May 10, 1971 to June 4, 1994

James Sawicki, of Wickliffe, Ohio, was his mom's best friend. He had just graduated with a B.A. degree from Kent State University three weeks prior to his death. He was going to be a television and radio producer/programmer. He wanted to produce programs which would help promote good morals and guidance to young people. He could have been another Steven Spielburg.

James helped run the high school newspaper for more than three years and received a scholarship for his writing ability. He graduated with a 4.12 grade point average from high school. He enjoyed everything and was willing to try anything but sports.

He was a true and loyal friend to many. The girls used to call him a "big teddy bear." James was sweet - he did not like violence. He was known to his friends as the "peacemaker." If friends would argue, James would sit them down and have them talk it out. He always made them laugh in the end. James loved to laugh and always had a twinkle in his eye.

James and his brother John were best friends. They wanted to go into business together someday. James had an entire lifetime ahead of him. His family and friends are all very lonely without him.


On June 3, 1994, James John Sawicki, 23, of Wickliffe, Ohio, went to a music concert with his brother's girlfriend, Sharon. On the way home, they stopped to listen to a recorded tape produced by the older brother's band. As they were getting ready to leave, Richard Pinto walked in to kill a member of the brother's band. Pinto shot the band member, Bob, then turned to James, who was sitting on the couch, and shot him in the head at point-blank range. Pinto then chased Sharon and found her in the bathroom. He also shot her. James and Sharon both died early June 4, 1994. The band member lived, but still has the bullet in his head. Pinto later claimed that his cats told him to kill Bob.

Richard Pinto was convicted of two counts of aggravated murder with a gun, plus one count of attempted murder with a gun. He was sentenced to life in prison.

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James Sawicki