James Roback
31 Years Old

February 19, 1963 to August 18, 1994

Jim was a fun loving young man. He was 31 when he was murdered, had never married, and still lived at home with his mother. He was the handyman around the house and was a big football and basketball fan of the home teams. He mostly stayed home at night and many of his friends would join him, watching sports and having a few beers.

He liked to cook and made excellent spaghetti. He was loved by his family and is missed every day.

Jim's case, while not unique, is probably different than most. He was shot somewhere in Gary, Indiana, went to a gas station for help because he didn't feel "right". The paramedics were called and discovered he had been shot. He apparently did not know this and there was no blood on his clothes. He died two and one-half hours later on the operating table.

The police discovered his murderer and were building a case against him. However, he was found murdered himself about two months later. His name was John Grimes.

My son was not a member of a gang. He pretty much stayed at home (he still lived with me, his mother) or was working. He did use drugs, however, not on a regular basis since he really didn't have the money for them. Since I never was called by the hospital even though he was conscious, I never got the complete story and since he was apparently alone when he was shot, the police don't know the whole story.

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