James Charles Kaloger
34 Years Old

May 20, 1955 to November 5, 1989

Jamie Kaloger: May 29, 1955...6:10 pm...8 lbs 4 oz. of bubbling joy, love and energy. Precious son of Carol and Jim...Little brother and forever best friend of Billy, 3.

JFK's words, spoken when Jamie was only 5 years old, defined his life: "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." Jamie gave his heart, his soul, his time, his energy, and finally - his life, for others.

Jamie was a typical boy in elementary school: mischievous, testing and stretching rules and boundaries, yet thirsting for knowledge, reaching for new frontiers. He loved Grosse Pointe North High School. Challenges energized him: academic, athletic, extra-curricular. His choral group was invited two years in a row to sing in Spain and Morocco. By the second trip, Jamie had become the official Spanish interpreter.

He excelled in debate/forensics and led his team to many awards and championships. He could think so fast on his feet! Idealistic, he listened well, invariably presenting logical, well-organized ideas. He was a master at creative and critical reasoning. He won the coveted VFW Voice of Democracy Award as Outstanding Spokesman for Dynamic Citizenship, was appointed to the Michigan Governor's Youth Advisory Council and was chosen to represent Grosse Pointe High School in Washington D.C. at the Presidential Classroom. He also played varsity football, baseball and won track. Jamie had a strong work ethic, working summers and after school.

While attending the University of Michigan, Jamie lived at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity house. He took his C.P.A. exams, then pursued his M.B.A. and J.D. degrees at the University of Detroit Law School where he won the American Jurisprudence Award.


When James Charles "Jamie" Kaloger bought a small home in Detroit, Michigan, he became a strong community leader. "ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU. ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY!" It was his creed! He molded his diverse neighborhood - black, white, Hispanic, oriental - everyone cared about, looked after, and depended upon everyone else.


Jamie was preparing legal briefs on the night of November 5, 1989, in his home office. Neighbors paid scant attention as J.H. Burke pounded at Jamie's door, demanding entry. Jamie had been this guy's "Big Brother" for 15 years, constantly and patiently giving of himself in time and energy, heart and soul, to help him. Jamie could always conciliate, calm the guy, diffuse his wild temper. Jamie the peacemaker, unflappable, indestructible.

Burke broke into Jamie's house, loaded a .12-gauge rifle and shot Jamie point-blank in the face. Later, the murderer returned. He stepped around Jamie's lifeless body lying there, cold and still, and stole cash, valuables, the murder weapon, and Jamie's car.

Burke was allowed to enter a plea bargain and was sentenced to 5 to 15 years. Medium security - work camp - no apology - no remorse. Jamie's grief-stricken family won a wrongful death suit and Burke must pay a percentage of his future income to POMC, Inc. He was released from prison after serving four years and five months.

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James Kaloger