Heidi R. Patnaude-Padeiro
24 Years Old

March 20, 1965 to April 23, 1989

Heidi was one of five children; four boys and one girl. Since her mother’s name was Heidi, also, her family and friends called her “Little Heidi.” She had issues growing-up with her brothers, especially when they would take the last cookie before she had even one...but if her brothers had any difficulties, she would be the first to come to their rescue.

We used to go skiing together and she was so worried I was going to get hurt. I can still hear her saying “Ma, you are going too fast down the hill.”

Heidi was a very spirited girl, always laughing, very friendly, lots of friends and admired by her co-workers. She was loved by her brothers and family. Heidi and her mother looked alike and she would say “I am going to be just like my mother...a realtor.”

Heidi made so many people happy during her lifetime. She had a love for children.


When Heidi met Michael, there were lots of flowers and presents. I remember her telling me “He was fine, mom!” But after being married only 19 months with no children, Heidi told me he became very controlling, trying to put her down and took issue with her friends.

Heidi wanted to leave Michael but she chose to go on vacation first, then divorce him. He told everyone the week before her trip “If she leaves me, I will kill her.” Later, one of his friends recalled Michael saying “I will give myself a present nobody will ever forget.”

So, on his birthday, as she was getting ready to go to work, he shot my precious daughter in the back. About 15 minutes later, he shot her again, just before he took his own life.

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Heidi Patnaude