Gregory Wayne Hines
17 Years Old

August 23, 1977 to July 25, 1995

Greg Hines was born on August 23rd, 1977. He was six weeks premature and weighed five pounds. He was murdered on July 25, 1995, less than one month from his 18th birthday.

Greg graduated two months early with a “B” average and was registered for fall semester at college. He talked about going into nursing.

Greg was outgoing, funny and could always make everyone laugh.

Greg was an avid hunter and outdoorsman and had been his dad’s hunting partner since age six. He was an excellent archer, winning state and sectional championships in indoor, field and 3-D shooting. We traveled the south as a family attending meets.

Being a perfectionist at everything he did, Greg made his own arrows and spent hours perfecting his archery equipment. Trophies and plaques line the walls of his room. His bow hangs in the same spot where he left it.

Since Greg was small, he was a very talented artist and could draw with unbelievable skill. He won many awards.

Greg had so much to offer the world…

Our lives go on…..we live for his son Brennan, our other son Mark and his children...but we will never stop missing Greg and mourning his death.

We will never forget Greg’s dark brown eyes and beautiful smile. We count the days until we will see him again in Heaven.


Greg Hines died on July 25, 1995. He paid the ultimate consequence for the choice to sell drugs.

That night at 10PM, Greg went to sell marijuana to two black boys, Henry Hickson, age 16 and Kenny Alford, age 21. They had paged him from a convenience store to go their to meet them. Greg was so naïve, he actually gave them a ride in his Chevy S-10 truck. They shot him in the head and ran away after getting two bags of marijuana. They were arrested about a week later.

The shooter, Henry Hickson had a long list of juvenile offenses. He had been in and out of detention since age 12. He eventually pled guilty to Armed Robbery with a fixed sentence of 20 years with no parole and a separate sentence of Manslaughter for 40 years. He will automatically be released from prison at age 45 due to a new law in Louisiana. The law states that if a murderer turns age 45 in prison after serving 20 years, the offender will automatically get out as long as it was not First or Second-Degree Murder. His sentence would have been 20 years for Armed Robbery plus one-third of 40 for Manslaughter before being eligible for parole…...he never showed any remorse at sentencing.

The second boy, Kenny Alford had no prior arrest or any kind of record. He pled guilty to Manslaughter and received a sentence of 40 years. He will be eligible for parole in 2008 and Greg’s parents will be at every hearing until we go to join Greg.

Henry Hickson is in Angola State Prison and Kenny Alford is at Allen Parish Corridor Institute in Kinder, Louisiana.

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Gregory Hines