Gregory G. Lefevre
34 Years Old

September 22, 1953 to February 5, 1988

Gregory Lefevre of Littleton, New Hampshire was a happy man, dedicated to his family and all animals. He raised and showed dogs, they were the love of his life. He was a wonderful, loving, kind and thoughtful son. When he came home on holidays, (he never missed one), he would have mom pack a "care package" to leave with. He brought home more animals than we can count. The last time he was home, he wanted to bring us another dog. I said no, to which he replied, "Isn't this a retirement home for dogs?" We love him and miss him so much.


Our son's killer is unknown because it is unsolved, he or she or even they will walk free. Because he was so brutally murdered, we can never find closure. It has and is with us every day for nearly eleven years since our son was murdered.

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Gregory Lefevre