Gregg A. Peretz
32 Years Old

August 30, 1957 to March 17, 1990

Gregg A. Peretz, of Oceanside, New York, was an avid snow skier. He and his wife's skiing trips to Snowbird, Aspen, and Steamboat, Colorado with friends were a winter institution. Gregg and Lisa and purchased a winter home in Vermont and spent much of their time making it warm and comfortable, mostly by their own manual labor. Gregg was a true craftsman. Every wood joint was glued and nailed with precision and special care was taken in picking the grain of the wood and the correct stain finish.

When the weather turned warmer (60 degrees), Gregg was preparing his boat for the water. His was the first one in at the beginning of the season, and the last one out, usually in November. He also loved water-skiing. Gregg's profession was insurance of all kinds, but marine coverage was the push in the summer. Accordingly, what better way to write boat policies than to be out on the water where the clients were. Gregg had the gift of talk on any subject that came up and to anyone he met.

Gregg was extremely sensitive and understanding - he was full of compassion and sound advice that was offered without condition. He gave freely of himself and looked for nothing in return. The loss of Gregg is impossible to heal.


On March 17, 1990, 32-year-old Gregg A. Peretz of Oceanside, New York, and his wife Lisa, were brutally murdered as they celebrated their first wedding anniversary in their Winhall, Vermont vacation home. Sean Allain broke into their house and shot Gregg in the face at close range with a .12-gauge shotgun. He then proceeded to beat and rape Lisa while stabbing her repeatedly in the chest and hips. When Allain saw that Lisa was still alive, he slit her throat and she bled to death.

Allain, who led police on a wild chase in a stolen car before being subdued and getting shot in the face, is currently serving a 65 year-to-life sentence for what were, arguably, the most brutal, savage and sadistic murders ever committed in southern Vermont.

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Gregg Peretz