Gregory Scott Eisenberg
22 Years Old

January 23, 1959 to August 24, 1981

Gregory Scott "Greg" Eisenberg of St. Louis, Missouri, attended schools for the deaf from the age of two. In the short 22 years of his life, he accomplished more than we dreamed possible and had many creative talents that made up for his deafness.

At a very early age, Greg was an accomplished artist, craftsman, outdoor woodsman, and care-giver to animals that were hurt or disabled. We moved from the city to a farming community so that we could be closer to where Greg was attending a state school for the deaf. Greg was an avid fisherman and had an uncanny capability to detect the slightest movement of fish about to bite. He also had the ability to track wild animals and made plaster copies of their footprints. he also rode our horse bareback at breakneck speeds, and although we felt scared at times, it was a pleasure to watch him. Greg also loved to explore caves and once brought a live baby bat into our home.

Greg first learned to speak at the Central Institute for the Deaf, one of the most famous schools in the country for teaching deaf education. We later enrolled him in a St. Louis County Special School District for a few years before transferring him to a boarding school where he learned sign language. At the school he won outstanding awards in wood working and in art; however, living in a dormitory setting was unsettling to him and to us. We then brought Greg back to our farm and enrolled him in a hearing school so that he could integrate himself into a hearing world and could be with his brother. We later made arrangements to move Greg into an apartment complex in St. Louis for people with a handicap. Greg was under the care of two hearing deaf counselors and was learning a trade. We thought he was in good hands. Little did we know.


Greg Eisenberg, 22, of St. Louis, Missouri, was born deaf, and his parents had moved him into an apartment complex for independent living so that he could attend a state-wide vocational training program. On August 24, 1981, seven weeks after moving into his own apartment, Greg was stabbed in the back with a butcher knife, which broke, then was strangled from behind while his feet were held down. The killers placed him in a bathtub of hot water to cover up the crime. Greg's body was not discovered until six days later. When Greg's father and his brother, Jeff, went into the apartment to retrieve his personal items, they had to wear a mask over their faces because the stench of his badly decomposed body was more than they could handle.

Greg's killers, Wallace Spivey and Ronald Randolph, were apprehended three days after the murder and confessed to the crime. It took 2 and 1/2 years to get Greg's case to trial. The motive behind the planned, premeditated murder centered around the rape of a 17-year-old deaf female three weeks before Greg's murder. The girl went to Greg for protection which angered Greg's killers. Four trials and two retrials later, both deaf defendants were found guilty of first degree capital murder and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility for parole for 50 years. It took three weeks of an insanity defense hearing before the first formal jury trial took place.

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Greg Eisenberg