Grace Marcatante
16 Years Old

November 6, 1969 to November 25, 1985

John Marcatante
11 Years Old

July 28, 1975 to November 25, 1985

Our daughter Gracie was a happy girl. One of her school teachers said Grace floated like a beautiful butterfly down the school corridors. She had a lot of friends.

Gracie loved music and the oldies station 104.3. She loved to swim, dance and ride her bike. She loved to baby-sit the little kids in our neighborhood. She loved to bake cakes and cookies. She loved wearing Primo Perfume and spraying me with it.

Gracie was very good at styling her hair.

We miss Gracie more than words can describe.

Gracie was 16 years and 19 days old when she was murdered.

Our son Johnny was a good boy who loved children and small animals. He had 18 hamsters and three bullfrogs. He fed them crickets and live mice.

Johnny loved watching Casper, Popeye, Night Rider and Rocky movies. He loved teasing his sisters Gracie and Rosemary, riding his bike and swimming. He loved all seasons of the year and playing with his dog Rocky in the snow. He loved his best friend Frankey. He loved eating peanut better and jelly sandwiches, his sister Grace’s cookies and drinking chocolate milk. He liked playing baseball and boxing like Rocky the actor.

Johnny gave his life for his sister because he loved her.

John was 11 years and five months old when Milky Terry, 18 years old, murdered him.

We miss our loving Grace and John so very much. We hope to see them again some day. Our lives are so empty and lonely without them. Losing Gracie and John has had a big impact on our lives.

Our other daughter Rosemary still has nightmares about her sister and brother from how she found them…..


It was a rainy day on November 25th, 1985 when our daughter Grace Marie, 16, was followed home from school by her murderer Milky Terry.

Milky Terry saw our son John in our back yard burying his pet mouse that died. It was then that John, 11, was forced into our garage.

The murderer took our son John’s baseball bat into our front room and beat Grace and John on their heads to death.

Grace was murdered in our front room and our son John was murdered in our kitchen. Milky Terry washed the bat and himself in our washroom and left to go home. He threw the bat on top of a factory roof close to our home.

My next door neighbor called me at work and told me something had happened. Our oldest daughter Rosemary found her brother and sister dead. She ran screaming out of our house.

The murderer was caught within the hour. He was taken to Hillside Police Station where he confessed to the beatings about two hours later. He said he meant to do what he did and if he had the chance, he would do it again. That is when Milky Terry was read his rights and arrested him for Double Murder. His bail was set at $1,000,000. He was put in Cook County Jail until the trial in February 1986.

Terry got Murder One for our son John and 30 years Manslaughter for our daughter Grace.

Terry said Grace slapped him and that provoked him. It is his word against hers and she is dead.

Terry was sentenced to Life without Parole. He appealed for a lesser sentence and was denied.

Milky Terry is to be at Menard Prison until he dies.

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Gracie Marcatante

John Marcatante