George Viera
35 Years Old

March 30, 1955 to August 19, 1990

George "Angel" Viera, of New Bedford, Massachusetts, was a loving person. He loved his sister, Debbie; brother, Mike; his mother; his girlfriend, Candy; his two daughters, Crystal and Little Angel; and his friends. Angel and Candy had plans to marry.

He was a fisherman on a scalloper. When he came home, he loved to ride his Harley Davidson with his friends and Candy.

Angel was funny and made his mother laugh. She lost her son and her friend, whom she'll mourn and miss until the day she dies.


George "Angel" Viera, Jr., 35, of New Bedford, Massachusetts, was visiting a friend when the two decided to go to a convenience store around the corner at about 11 pm. When they were leaving the store, a car pulled up and the driver called out to Angel and his friend. Angel walked over to the car to see what they wanted. When he got closer to the car, the driver shot Angel in the abdomen. Angel died three hours later.

The driver was 17-year-old Daniel Navedo. As of April, 1997, he had not been apprehended. There was another teen in the car with Navedo, but was not involved with the shooting.

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George Viera