Gary Thomas Mitchell
25 Years Old

March 5, 1959 to August 9, 1984

Gary Mitchell, of Cincinnati, Ohio, was a very friendly person, always ready to help anyone in need. He had many friends. He loved all sports, but was never able to participate because he had cystic fibrosis.

Gary had two loving brothers: Dean Mitchell of Cincinnati, Ohio and Dr. Herman Mitchell of Boston, Massachusetts. His sister, Barbara Sharpe, lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and his mother lives in Concord, North Carolina. His father, Oral Mitchell, passed away three months before Gary was killed.


Gary Thomas, 25, of Cincinnati, Ohio, was working at the family business. He was alone when two guys entered the business and robbed him. They stomped on his head repeatedly. Gary was in a coma for nine days before dying.

Derrick Jamison was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. As of February, 1997, he was still on Ohio's death row. Jamison had reportedly been involved with other robberies and beatings in the area of the Mitchell family's business.

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Gary Thomas