Gary Duane Bradley
44 Years Old

October 1, 1947 to April 5, 1992

Gary Duane Bradley's idea of a relaxing day was fishing. He fished everything he could from the Ohio River to his favorite spot in Canada. It didn't matter if he was alone or with family or friends as long as the weather was suitable. He also enjoyed hunting and training rabbit dogs, but in all that he did it was only for the sport of it.

He grew up in the small town of Williamstown, West Virginia where he graduated from high school. He went on to attend Potomac State University, but was drafted into the United States Army during the Vietnam War. From there he went to work along side his father at a local steel manufacturing plant.

He left behind 3 boys. There were to become his "fishing team" as he called them. There were so many plans he had for them. He had hoped to take them all to Canada one day to show them the back part of the country where not many people went. That's where they would find the largest and most prized catch of all.

He is survived by his parents. He was their only child. Now all they have are pictures, childhood cards written and many loving memories of their son who was killed unjustly and without cause.

It is through many tears that I write this about a wonderful, loving and caring man. I too was left behind. I am his wife


Gary Duane Bradley was murdered while he was fishing at the Ohio Power Recreational Area in Noble County, Ohio. He was shot in the back twice by a coward who hid across a gravel road among many trees and brush. A man who later said that he waved at him as he drove by the first time only came back to take his life. He was the last of 5 men killed between 1989 and 1992 who were engaged in some form of outdoor activity.

Several months after his death, a connection was made between all 5 murders. A task force of officials from 5 counties and the FBI was formed. Thomas Dillon was caught and arrested the day after Thanksgiving in 1992. After several months he went to trial but plea bargained to save his own life and avoid the death penalty. He is presently serving 165 years in prison for the deaths of these men and gun specification charges. He was sent to a medium security facility, but after many petitions by family members and friends he was sent to The Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio, where he is still presently imprisoned.

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Gary Bradley