Garrett Davis Steinly
19 Years Old

June 10, 1976 to September 6, 1995

Garrett Davis Steinly, of Bowling Green, Missouri, was a 1994 graduate of Bowling Green High School and an active member of the Bobcat Band all four years in school! He was also a member of Vocal Music his last two years.

As a trumpet player, he participated in Concert Band, marching Band, Jazz Band and Pep Band. During the summers, Garrett would attend Jazz Band Camp. He participated in Concert Choir, Mixed Chorus and was a proud member of "Pride."

Garrett loved school - even though, at times, his grades needed some attention - he would have rather been no place else. Garrett loved people and the true friendships he developed through the years with almost everyone he met.

Garrett played football, basketball and participated in track, but his first and best love was music. He truly loved to express himself in his music, whether it was playing his trumpet, singing, dancing or just listening. This is what we remember most about Garrett's carefree and loving personality.

A music scholarship has been established in Garret's memory.


Garrett Davis Steinly, 19, of Bowling Green, Missouri, was shot and killed by John Elliott. The two men pulled into a parking lot between 1:45 and 2:00 am. Elliott had reportedly been told by his ex-wife that Garrett was seeing her. However, Garrett had an on-going relationship with his high school sweetheart of five years. John Elliott shot Garrett and then shot himself.

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Garrett Steinly