Everett Sylvester Murray
23 Years Old

July 15, 1971 to October 22, 1994

Everett Sylvester Murray, of Los Angeles, California, was a very generous, loving, sensitive and unique person. He wanted to know all about everything in the short time he was here.

When Everett was younger, he played the saxophone and loved music - writing and singing songs. He was the pitcher on a baseball team and had a lot of energy. Everett loved his family and was very loyal to them. If you were a friend, you were a friend for life. He also had a spiritual side and knew the Bible well. He was always in search of the meaning of life. He was baptized in 1992, and his pastor who performed the baptism also performed his funeral.

Everett had found the path in life he wanted to follow and attended West L.A. College. Clearly, Everett excelled when he put his mind to it.


Everett Sylvester Murray, 23, of Los Angeles, California, had been with his girlfriend at her sister's house the evening of October 22, 1994. The girlfriend left for a short period of time and Everett told her sister that he was going somewhere to get something to eat. A short time later, Everett was shot in the side of the head during a robbery.

Within two weeks, a suspect was apprehended and witnesses provided two additional names of people who were supposedly involved in the murder. However, at the trial of the arrested suspect, (who had previous felony convictions) witnesses refused to testify and the jury found him not guilty. As of today, he remains in jail on a probation violation and is wanted for an unrelated armed robbery. The other two suspects were never arrested because of insufficient evidence. Witnesses who had given tape-recorded statements against them refused to cooperate or testify.

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