Evan Andrew Stirewalt
36 Years Old

October 21, 1960 to May 8, 1991

Evan Andrew Stirewalt of Joplin, Missouri was a nature lover and avid fisherman. He could name all or most of the wildlife and animals native to southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas. He also loved sports and was very good at baseball and basketball. He loved his family and had just taken a job in northwest Arkansas in February before his death in May. He was a forest ranger by profession and conservationist by choice. He donated time to replanting trees, shrubbery, and bird habitats. He left a wife and two children as well as his parents and sister. He is always missed at family gatherings. He could never make a quiet entrance, so we wait for the door to be thrown open and for him to come in hollering for one of us.


Evan left home to go to the bank and then off to work. He did not return home that night. His wife reported him missing and was ridiculed by authorities. He was missing for over seven days. His body was found in Beaver Lake, Carroll County, Arkansas. The body had been weighted down and was found by two fishermen while fishing on the lake. He had been shot four times in the head.

Even though the authorities think they know who the murderer is, there has been no arrest and the homicide remains unsolved. A private investigator was hired by the family but they were unable to find the necessary evidence.

The Carroll County authorities do not consider the case closed, but consider it on the back burner.

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