Elizabeth A. Zalas
49 Years Old

November 22, 1950 to July 16, 1996

Elizabeth Zalas was born in Portland, Oregon. She was a caring, loving person whose diligence, devotion, resourcefulness and courage were hard to match. An honors student throughout her years at Westmont College and Oregon State University, she worked in the financial planning industry and gave much of her time to volunteer services, such as foreign missions. She did the absolute best at all times. Although she was childless, her maternal qualities came through whenever she took care of someone who was hurt or hurting.

Beth was an excellent homemaker, cook, planner, and avid art fan. She painted and sang, even native Hawaiian songs, and played the guitar. She enjoyed travel, but her favorite recreational places were the coastal beaches. In Hawaii, her native friends named her Leilani.

Beth was brutally assaulted in Seattle, Washington on July 9, 1996, and succumbed to her injuries one week later. Her killer was convicted of murder in the first degree and sentenced to 320 months in prison.


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Elizabeth Zalas