Edward Mullan
19 Years Old

April 13, 1964 to April 8, 1984

Come sit with me awhile my friend, I have this need to talk about the past and what has been, and all that it has brought. About the young and tender years of love and promises too, about the crisis and the tears. I know, I'm boring you.

I want to say how unfair this world, after all that I put in it of the four beautiful little children, who never gave me a minute, but especially of one so endearing to me. With curly hair, eyes so blue with dimpled cheeks and freckles, such an angelic fact, it's true. A son who loved his life so much, who gave more than he got. Who wanted to prove he was a man, he really tried hard, I thought.

But there were those, already men, who thought they ruled the land and tried to make him like them. But no, he stood his ground and so they took his life you see, with kicks and bats and knives, and left him in a driveway alone, and fighting for his life.

All alone in the dark early morning, as his life's blood drained away. At nineteen, still a child, he slowly passed that away. Come sit with me awhile my friend, I have this need to talk about the past and what has been and all that it has brought. Our lives will never be the same.


Harris was having a party in his first-floor apartment. Stephen Sullivan was there, Garthe, Longo, and Timothy Sullivan were there too. Eddie and some friends were in Eddie's third-floor apartment and ended up joining the party downstairs. Longo approached Eddie's sister and her friend in a manner in which Longo and Eddie started to fight.

Eddie returned to his apartment and later some of the men raided Eddie's apartment and trashed the place. Harris called Eddie's brother, John, to tell him what they had done and to warn that Eddie was next. Roderick stabbed Eddie once and Eddie claimed he had enough. Roderick continued to kick Eddie in the face. Garthe, Longo and Timothy Sullivan picked up Eddie and carried him to a nearby driveway where they left him to die. Eddie was alive when he was carried outside.

Eddie died of seven stab wounds, one in the heart. He was beaten with a baseball bat, and karate kicked in the head by Richard Garthe, an admitted karate expert. Eddie was buried the day before his 20th birthday. His birthday was that Friday, April 13.

Randy Roderick, age 33, pleaded the 5th, found not guilty on insufficient evidence. He was the murderer, no time served.

Steve Harris, age 31, pleaded guilty to assault and battery, served 2 and 1/2 years at Walpole. Repeat offender, previous charges could not be used against him.

David Charles, turned state's evidence, no sentence, and no time served. He testified Randy Roderick did the stabbing.

Richard Garthe, Paul Longo, Timothy Sullivan, found guilty of assault and battery, sentenced to 2 and 1/2 years, were released on work release program. They testified Randy Roderick did the stabbing.

Steven Sullivan, found not guilty because he was not at apartment at the time of the stabbing. He just helped clean up the blood.

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Edward Mullan