Edward A. Hollman
21 Years Old

September 2, 1970 to May 3, 1992

At three years old, Eddie taught himself to ride a two-wheel bicycle; four years old, hockey lessons, and at five, he played on a hockey team. He wore out two big wheels and played on a football team for Dearborn Heights and loved the contact.

Being very competitive, Eddie's high school years included varsity football and wrestling, at which he earned a varsity letter. He also had great artistic talent and received honors in competition.

In 1983, Eddie was into trick bicycle riding. That didn't last long because the bicycle sustained most of the damage. In '84, the guitar was his choice of music. "Self taught." In '85, "Wind Surfing" was his summer challenge, which he conquered with determination, and rightfully so, thought he was "cool."

Eddie had many friends, but his buddy was "Joe." They both attended Henry Ford Community College for one year after graduating from Dearborn High. Eddie then transferred to Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to pursue a career in aviation. He graduated in 1991, earning his Commercial Pilots license. He continued his education at Trade Winds Aviation in association with Oakland Community College in Pontiac, Michigan, working towards his goal of becoming a Flight Instructor. Eddie earned his Twin Engine rating on January 4, 1992. He sure was proud, and so were we. The world is a better place because of Eddie's 21 years here. Edward is loved and missed by so many!

Missing from our lives, but not from our hearts. Always and forever in our memories.

Love, Mom, Dad, Bill, Pam and Tom


Unfortunately, Edward dated steadily and became engaged to a psychopathic female who remains the "prime suspect" in his murder. Three weeks prior to his murder, Eddie broke off their relationship. On the morning of his murder, he received a phone call from this female at 4:00 am. Ted and I attended early mass, only being gone for approximately 50 minutes. During this time frame, and in our basement den, Eddie was struck on the back of the head, strangled, scratched on the forehead, struck on the cheek, and his body was re-arranged.

Due to the incompetence of our detectives and the Michigan State Police, Eddie's murder case is UNSOLVED and six years have gone by. As of this writing, the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office has called up Eddie's case file and we are hopeful for a second Grand Jury. We are very hopeful to be actively involved with the procedure. We will never give up in our pursuit of Justice.


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Edward Hollman