Douglas Alexander Skica
28 Years Old

September 6, 1953 to July 25, 1982

Doug was a loving, talented, intelligent young man throughout his lifetime. He was very ambitious; always ready to help people and get-on with his life. In the spring, Doug would be jogging or on his bike, taking in the beauty of Mill Creek Park. I used to wonder where he got all his energy for life...never realizing until now that he was trying to put as much as he could into a short 29 years.

Doug liked to golf. He would “slice one” once-in-a-while and try to act as if it did not happen but his dad was still a little better at the game.

Doug always extended himself in school, playing sports at Canfield High and Kent State. When his murder occurred, his family, friends and teachers were thrown into shock that something so terrible could happen to such a beautiful person.

Doug’s first job was with DeBartolo Corporation. Then he worked at Daeton Satton Newport in Cleveland. It was there he also acquired many friends.

Doug had become an Architect after many years of studying. When Doug was in school the last year, he studied in Florence, Italy for about three months. At the end of the term there, he went to Carafe, Greece, which he enjoyed so much; the food, the people, the entire “flavor” of Greece. Doug then went to France where he had relatives. They took him, his friend and another fellow-architecture student on a sight-seeing tour. What made this trip so interesting is that his father visited the same route when with the U.S. Infantry in WWII. The relatives were so happy to meet Doug and treated him with so much love. When Doug was killed, his friends started a scholarship at Kent State to aid other students for the same trip to Florence, Italy to study.

Doug had an interesting short life. He gave so much love to all of us. This is what makes our loss much deeper. Doug died as a hero in our eyes because he tried to save his mother and brother Matthew when the attackers were in our home.

There is no greater love than when one gives his own life for another…..


On July 25th, 1982, four men followed Doug’s father Dan home to Youngstown from Cleveland, Ohio with the intent to rob him. They became angry as they realized the long distance.

When Dan pulled-into the driveway, two of the men James Lee Hall and Jerome Thompson started to beat him on the head with their guns. Hall and Thompson brought Dan to the door and threatened to “blow his head off” if we did not open the door. They gained entry and commenced their beating. In the parent’s bedroom, the scuffle started and the gun went-off. They became startled and left the room. James Hall turned and shot Doug in the face. Doug fell backward onto the bed. I, Doug’s mom, held him in my arms where he died.

The driver of the car was Anthony Thompson. He served a plea-bargained sentence of eight to 25 years on Involuntary Manslaughter till 2002.

Thompson’s brother Jerome was given the same sentence.

James Carr was never tried as he was serving another sentence for another crime.

The shooter James Lee Hall is serving his sentence of three consecutive terms of eight to 25 years.

We write letters and get petitions signed. People have been very helpful with the petitions.

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Douglas Skica