Donald V. Pierce, Jr.
39 Years Old

July 23, 1949 to June 7, 1989

Donald Pierce, Jr., of Kansas City, Missouri, was always a fun-loving boy who had an eye out for mischief as much as most boys. He was a Boy Scout, becoming an Eagle in 1965. Don also played baseball from an early age until he was 16 and played basketball and football in high school.

He always had a smile and strangers would say, "Hi Buddy." When he was seven years old, he insisted on being baptized and joining Santa Fe Hills Baptist Church.

Don attended Missouri University and graduated with a B.A. degree and a degree in Military Science. He spent a year as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army and six years in the reserves, becoming a Captain. After his military service he received a Juris Doctor from Missouri University. After three years with a law firm, he started his own practice.

In 1970-71, he was selected to be in Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. His numerous college activities included Phi Gamma Delta President, Missouri Student Association representative, Welfare Committee Chairman, Book Prices Committee chairman, dormitory complex activities coordinator and Phi Gamma Delta Convention Committee for Chapter Presidents chairman. In 1970, he was initiated into Mystical Seven, an honorary society, for senior men.

He was an avid golfer, scuba diver and distance runner.

Don married Kathy Evans in 1979. She became a vice president of U.S. Sprint.

Don had many friends and outside activities; however, he always found time to visit with his family on a regular basis. There were many family gatherings and sometimes they played cards until the wee hours of the morning.


Donald Pierce, Jr., 39, of Kansas City, Missouri, was an attorney. In 1985, he hired a legal secretary, Linda Culbertson. For 3 and 1/2 years, she did a skillful job.

Then she developed erotomania (delusional obsessive love) for Don and decided that if she could not have him, no one could. Don had no idea that this was happening. However, at one point, when she was despondent, he mentioned it to his wife and she suggested that he take his secretary some flowers. Linda took this as Don responding to her delusions. Don figured out what was happening and he immediately told her to forget it.

Linda would not accept that Don wanted nothing to do with her, so she embarked on a course of destruction. She vandalized his car, his wife's car, his office, and finally hired people to rob his office. Don suspected, but did not believe it was Linda. He asked the building owner to hire a guard to protect the office. Evanson Jacobs, Jr., was hired to be the guard. Linda seduced the guard and his boss and hired the guard to kill him. He hired a friend, Quincy Brown, who shot Don twice as he was leaving the office, but did not kill him. Quincy Brown became frightened and gave the shotgun to the secretary and ran out of the building. She reloaded the gun and shot him in the eye, which killed him.

Linda Culbertson, Evanson Jacobs, Jr. and Quincy Brown were convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. As of May, 1997, they were all still in prison.

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Donald Pierce